What is an abstract in a research paper?

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Students are well aware that the research paper is the first step to scientific work, the first small, independently conducted study. And, of course, if the work is scientific, then everything should correspond to its creation – from preparation to defense. These and other points will be discussed in this material on the topic of how to make an paper.

What is an abstract in a research paper?

Consider the points of what is an abstract in a research paper – where to start and how to finish:

• Choose a topic. If the teacher did not specifically give the topic, in her choice, first of all, be guided by your own interests, by the quantity, content and understanding of literary sources popular books). Your topic, by the way, is the title of the paper. In the process of working on it, the wording can be changed. And although many people mistakenly believe that the abstract is a synopsis of several scientific papers, it’s still not true: it should include (and this is very important!) Your independent developments, thoughts, observations. This applies even to the most “worn out” topics or experiments, you still need to find newness in this – in your own approach or in solving a problem and in revealing a topic. Do not take a very broad topic and extremely narrow – the work in this case may slow down. In this case, you should be well versed in scientific terminology on the subject of the abstract.

• We make a plan. This item may sound like a “content”, that is, you outline a rough outline of the questions you are going to consider in the abstract. It can be simple and complex. Of course, it is more convenient to make a complex plan, in which you detail-split the topic. On the points of this plan, look for material in books and on the Internet. In simple terms, there must be at least 5 points, in a complex one – the same main 5 points, plus at least 2 sub-points in each section of the main part. Obligatory elements of the abstract: introduction, main sections (at least 2, in each of which there are 2-3 subsections), conclusions and references (from 5 sources). There may be applications.

• In the introduction (in terms of 1-2 pages) you name a subject or object (what are you researching?), Write about the purpose and objectives of the work (Purpose: describe, study literary sources, analyze. methods (This was done-achieved in this way), do not forget to tell why the topic seemed promising for you and what you personally contributed to it (I managed to achieve such results …).

• Abstract writing style – impersonal sentences, the use of the pronoun “we” instead of “me”. Do not stretch the paragraphs and do not over-complicate the sentences.