How to cite a research paper?

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Proper citation of the research paper is quite an important and interesting question for many. The classical structure of the work helps to focus attention on its content side. Many people know such a rule that the form should, if possible, correspond to the content. You have to know how to cite a research paper.

There is a specific order of how to cite a research paper.

  • Name of author (or group of authors) quotes in strict accordance with the main source.
  • The full name of the source (if there is a subtitle, it is mentioned after the colon).
  • After the dot and dash, the city in which the book was published is mentioned.
  • Then the name of the publisher that issued the copy.
  • The year in which the book was put into print.

Checking the availability of citations and references to sources is a fairly significant part of the academic work being done. In quoting, there are also certain rules that allow you to correctly enter a quote in the text and make them unified.

  • If the quotation is in prices with a lowercase letter, it must be understood that the quotation itself is blanketed in the subordinate clause after the “what” union.
  • If the quote is written with a capital letter, it is fundamental to apprehend that this is a way of quoting an indivisible, small in its dimension passage (the entire sentence, or part of it).
  • If the citation is given in quotes, then it ought to be understood that the creator of the study is of the same opinion with the writer of the source and their views in this case are certainly similar.
  • When quoting without quotes, after a colon, you be aware of that the quoted phase has a large quantity or is a poetic work.

In this case, the text of the cited object is typed in a smaller font, highlighted in a separate paragraph, and its boundaries are indicated by large indents, which distinguish it from the main part of the document. When making a poetic text in this way, it is placed in the center of the page with a slight shift to the left side. If the volume of the poetic text is less than three lines, then it is quoted according to the general rules outlined above.

For a direct quote, the quoted text must be enclosed in quotes.

When presenting a quote in your own words, a reference to the original source of thought is necessary and also obligatory.

If the text is cited not from the original source, but from a borrowed source, a borrowed citation is made, which indicates the direct source of the borrowing of the text or thought.